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The Twisted Global Fund has been established to allow The Twisted Agency to support Charity events in your local area – from providing Twisted Talent to full organisation of the event, The Twisted Agency will assist any of our Members with events in aid of any Registered Charity.

We aim to develop this section of the website as we get involved with events, keep you all updated on what we are officially involved in as well as provide galleries of previous events we have supported.

16th April 2016 – Twisted Studio Day, Scotland

The Twisted Global Fund’s inaugural event was a Twisted Studio Day in aid of the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), organised by The Twisted Agency on behalf of one of the Twisted Scotland Family – seven Twisted Models, working in pairs across three Studios provided by Steel Studios, Glasgow; three Twisted Photographers, providing advice and technical assistance where requested; and two Twisted MUAs working their magic alongside an Independent MUA. A hugely successful event, the Twisted Scotland Family and others involved were all on top form, delivering a great experience to all those who attended – the feedback from all has been fantastic. During this event, we also held a 30-minute Photo Challenge in one of the 1hr slots; two Twisted Photographers shooting four Twisted Models across three studios in the first 30 minutes, and then edit one image of each Twisted Model in each studio and post them all to Social Media within the second 30 minutes – today it was four Twisted Models and two Twisted Photographers, we’ve provided a gallery of the results here, all completed on time by both Twisted Photographers.