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Social Interviews

Interview 1

Q1. How did you get started in modeling?
Q2. What is the most important bit of advice you got when starting out?
Q3. On a normal weekend, what is your go-to wardrobe choice ?
Q4. If you could magically change one body part, what would it be?
Q5. What advice do you have for those just starting out?
Q6. If you could pick one designer, and one photographer to work with, who would it be and why?
Q7. What are you passionate about?

Interview 2

Q1. What is the best compliment you received as a model?
Q2. What is your favorite modeling genre and why?
Q3. Describe the best location you ever modeled?
Q4. When not modeling, what are your hobbies?
Q5. Would you dare to share your worst experience with a photographer?
Q6. What qualities do you seek in a photographer?
Q7. What makes you want to shoot multiple times with the same photographer?