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MUA Application

PLEASE READ: You are applying to a Global Talent and Promotions Agency who market Alternative Talent to the world – do you consider yourself to be Aternative? Do you have the uniqueness, nerve and talent to conquer the commercial markets? Is your BRAND at the level it needs to be at to be represented by an Agency? Think seriously about these questions before submitting your application, the Selection Committee have strict criteria that has to be met, don’t let them down!

Please complete the Application Form in full and as honestly as you can.

* indicates required field

Please use your real name above and the next entry box for the name you would like to be known as in the industry.

Please ensure your contact details are accurate, information here will be used for the further planning of Stage 2 if you are successful.

Please provide us with full links to your Professional Profiles as follows:

MUA-specific Questions

Random Questions

Your Chosen Images

Acceptable file types: jpg,jpeg,png,tiff.
Maximum file size: 2mb.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Applicants shall be over 18 years of age and be able to provide satisfactory proof of this on request.
2. The images attached are declared to be a true likeness of the Applicant's work and the Applicant has the necessary rights to use these images for this purpose.
3. Consent is given for the contents of this form, including images, to be distributed securely within The Twisted Agency Global for the intended purposes only.